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Grab your XI Classic Grip socks now and experience a noticeable improvement in your training sessions with better support and more comfort!

The best grip socks on the market from XI Classic

The grip socks from Switzerland from XI Classic give you a firm grip in any footwear. Thanks to the mix of different textiles, the socks are breathable and quick-drying. The unique design of the sole immediately catches the eye; the rubber nubs feature the XI Classic diamond logo.

Contribution to society

The XI Classic is not just a sock brand, we also support young aspiring athletes to offer them the best possible overall package.

High quality standards

Our grip socks have a high quality standard and are certified with the ISO 9001 & BSCI quality standard. This means we ensure that very high quality standards are always set for our grip socks. We are in a constant improvement process, which helps us to optimize processes and reduce costs, which we then ultimately pass on to our customers.

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